69 – Duckling Carer Cat


Last weekend, my soul mate’s mother got 7 ducklings back from work, so I had the chance to see, stroke, hold and play with real cute tiny ducklings! They’re so fluffy and nice! The family cat was eager to stroke them, but we didn’t let him (his motives appeared suspicious, weirdly).

At some point (twice actually), we put the ducklings into a big plastic tray with some water so they could splash around. They seemed to have fun! The first time, we didn’t put much water, just in case, and it seemed like they tried to swim, but because there was not enough water for that, they were bouncing against each other at high speed! They didn’t hurt themselves, fortunately. It was so sweet to see them cleaning themselves! ♥ The funny thing is…they pooed in the water, right (so far so…good? I mean, it’s natural); then they thought it was food…and ate each other’s poo. O_O Oh, nature…

At another time, my soul mate wanted to show his parents his new music theme, so he put it on the hifi in the same room as the ducks, who were busy running from the water bowl to the food bowl and back. To give you an idea, listen to the music here. What’s incredible is: after a few notes, the ducklings instantly paused, looking around. Then, gradually and very slowly, they started sitting down where they were, listening, some closing their eyes. They were like mesmerised! We couldn’t believe it! So the next day, we tried it again, chose a time when they were busy moving around, and started the tune again: and they did the same as the previous time! It was just so funny and cute!

Haaaa, I love duckling! ♥ Like today’s Duckling Carer Cat! :3


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