68 – Totoro Cat


Last weekend, I finally tried to do what I’ve been thinking of doing for a looooong time (well, months, at least). My soul mate’s mother helped me because there’s no way I could have done it all by myself. What is it, you’re asking?

Totoro tarts! You can see a video here, and you’ll understand why I instantly wanted to make some! O_O

So today’s cat has the Totoro theme to celebrate the fact that I finally made it! Woohoo! Click on the picture to open a new tab:


This wasn’t easy, and you have to allocate at least two sessions because you have to leave the pudding set overnight, so you have to wait a long time before you can actually finish. But the result was incredible! I mean, I was expecting a complete failure, and to be honest I think we did pretty well!

In case you want to follow the tutorial though, let me warn you: I don’t know if the US pastry is different from the UK one, but my UK pastry actually shrunk in size in the oven, as well as it got thicker! Which means it’s not exactly (at all) perfect for the purpose it has: contain some Totory belly grey liquid (which, I have to say, is quite tasty). We had to use whatever other containers we could find to put the pudding in! So if you want them all in pastry, make sure to roll them as thin as you can before the oven stage, and I recommend you get at least 2 rolls of pastry.

That said, it was really nice, and it tastes like no other cakes, so it’s perfect if you want to try new things (in my opinion)!

I do need to mention that you need gelatin for the pudding to set, which means this recipe is not vegetarian. If you’re a vegetarian and you want to make it, find a vegetarian alternative for gelatin, I’m sure health shop sell that sort of things.

Anyway, now that I know that my local shop sells black sesame seeds after all (I couldn’t find any before, and had to go to Japan center to find them, but I was in great company, and I bought tons of other things anyway there, so not pointless at all!), I can probably try it again some time, and learn from the mistakes!

Back to the cat: I hope you like it! :3

P.S.: has anyone noticed it’s a Friday 13th today? 😀


One thought on “68 – Totoro Cat

  1. I thought it was a Pikachu-Cat, because of the way the ears are shaped xD (well, the ears look more like Pikachu’s tail…). But it’s very cute cat! :3


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