About 1 Line Cat1linecatlogosmall.png

1 Line Cat chronicles the adventures of a simply drawn cat through life!

The original idea of 1 Line Cat came from the author’s desire to draw something as simple as possible (hence “1 line” – though it’s really more than one line of course!), but with an efficient and decisive pencil stroke, following the saying “keep it simple”!

The first 1 Line Cat was born in September of 2012, and his adventures are far from over now that he has a special blog for himself!

 About the author

Sarah, the author of 1 Line Cat, studied art in Paris. She then moved to London where she’s now working for a really famous video game company. When one of her friends saw her cat drawings, he suggested she should make T-shirts out of it. When she finally made one (the old way, with a white T-shirt and a marker pen!) for her soulmate as a trial, she got such good feedback and comments that she decided to create a brand new blog to honour her dear cat.


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