70 – Harvesting Cat


This week’s cat is about harvesting because I just started playing Rune Factory 4 on Nintendo 3DS…in Japanese!
As I finished Xenoblade Chronicles, I wanted to get back to studying on the tube with my Japanese books. But I didn’t remember that the last time I studied my book, I was on the penultimate page… So I finished it in two days.
So I needed another way to learn and practise Japanese, on top of my daily Anki cards. My soul mate kindly agreed to let me play with his Japanese Nintendo 3DS and I went for Rune Factory 4, a game that is all about farming. And I guess it’s the good time of the year to start playing it, because my mum has just finished preparing her garden with all sorts of nice vegetable seeds! I can’t wait to eat some of them with her! :3

今週の猫は ハーべスティングのテーマです!3DSの ルーンファクトリー4を始めたのですから・・・日本語で!
ゼノブレードが終わったから、私の日本語の本で 地下鉄で日本語の勉強をしたかった。でも、最後の日本語勉強のとき、もうほとんど終わったと忘れた・・・2日かかった。



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