112 – Cat-erpillar

Cat-erpillar has been a floating idea for a long time. Hopefully Jim still follows the adventures of 1 Line Cat, seeing as he kept suggesting this one! Someone doesn’t seem to be very happy with this idea. :3


111 – Yu-Cat-a

Recently, we had a Yukata day in my company. We had the opportunity to try on Yukata (this type of light Kimono) and had a nice photoshoot! So here’s a cat to comemorate this! :3

110 – Cat-ligraphy

At my office, there was a calligraphy session a few weeks ago, but tomorrow I’ll have the opportunity to try it during my Japanese advanced class! The teacher said to think about which kanji we want to do, and here are my options:



I can’t wait! :3

104 – SnowCat


Here’s my mum’s idea! She told me she Googled “Snowcat” and figured out it was actually a thing!

It’s still Winter (we’re not even half-way through…), and although it hasn’t snowed where I am for a good two-week time, snow is still the biggest Winter symbol, so I thought a snow-themed cat was still a cool topic! (haha, “cool”, did you get it? …Hem.) :3


P.S.: Just realised something… 104 = 52 x 2. What do you mean “of course”?! That means it’s been two years since I started posting my Cats! Thank you Cats! And thanks to all the people who stop by to look at them. :3