87 – Cat Hat


This week has been absolutely hectic, which means I had no time to think about a new cat idea. So this cat is again taken from my emergency pool (which gets smaller every time, maybe I should quickly doodle a few more to make sure I don’t run out of ideas!).

And now it just occurred to me that it’s my soul mate’s birthday today and I managed to forget that I could have drawn a nice cat for him! :O Shame on me. To be honest, even if I wanted to draw a cat for his birthday, I still don’t know what I would have done. Never mind that: happy birthday, love! ♥

For once, 1 Line Cat welcomes a human into the picture! The cat’s name also works way better in French: “Chat-peau” (Mouahaha!… Hum! Sorry.), which is a pun on “chat” (cat) and “chapeau” (hat). The only English alternative I found was “C-hat”, but at that point, I felt the pun was lost in translation. Am I right? :3


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