86 – Victory Cat


Today is a day I want to celebrate. It might appear like an insignificant victory for everyone except me, but I think it’s important to celebrate our victories, however small they may be.

Before I say what exactly my success is, a small story is needed (don’t proceed any further if you can’t stand the idea of nail biting and the like).

Since a very young age (as far I as can remember actually), I had always bitten my nails until around age 18. Then, because I had to take public transport from then on (or at least it’s the reason I can remember), I couldn’t just bite my nails as my hands felt dirty because of the outside world. So instead…I started plucking the skin AROUND the nails. Somehow it felt less disgusting, don’t ask me why. Anyway, now I don’t bite my nails anymore (I don’t even think about it at all), but I do have that bad skin plucking habit engraved now.

Now, about 2 weeks ago, I discovered a French YouTuber, who led me to another one. They both talk about self development (which I’m VERY interested in). At some point, I saw a video from the second YouTuber, where he was talking about something new to me. Something amazing. Well I already knew of the concept, but I didn’t think something real would exist and would work.

I am talking about the application called Habitica. A game to gamify your life. To reward you with XP and in-game gold when you do something you are putting off and can’t be bothered to do, but deep down, you know you should do. To “punish” you for your bad habits. This app concept is simple: motivating you to do what you want to do, and discourage anything you want to ban from your life.

So as you can imagine, I added to Habitica my bad habit of plucking my finger skin. And you know what? It works! I’m now celebrating 3 whole days in a row of not a single pluck! You have no idea how much of an achievement that is to me. I suppose you can compare it to someone stopping smoking, maybe? I wouldn’t know, I don’t smoke. But that habit is sure really hard to fight too.

Anyway, Victory Cat is here to remind me that, even if I may slip in the future, I can do it! Anyone can do it! We just need motivation! :3


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