73 – Photographer Cat


With my soul mate, we started playing a video game called “Life is Strange”. So I wanted to draw a cat related to that.

For those of you who played the game, you will understand that I was thinking of drawing a cat with a raised hand. But the idea felt incomplete. Maybe with a butterfly like when the game is saving? Still, this wouldn’t be very interesting for people who haven’t heard of that game.

So my darling suggested to do a Photographer Cat about to take a picture of a butterfly on a bucket, which would be nice whether you’ve played the game or not, and if you have, you would get the reference. I liked the idea, so here it is. :3

PS: Thank you to my Duck, my Mum, Alicia, Prisci, Catrin, Eric, Bruno, Stéphane and Alexia who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. ♥ It means a lot!


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