60 – Fez Cat


Today, I want to honour Fez, an indie game I started playing last Sunday. I LOVE IT! 😐

I thought it would be a short game but no! It’s actually way bigger and more complicated than I initially thought! Which is great, because it’s not just a game where you randomly go to places: you solve puzzles and actually HAVE TO use your brain to solve some, or even just remember where the hell you’re coming from (so many dooooooooooors!).

Anyway, here’s my Cat version of Fez (I know, it’s missing red and gold!). When I showed my soul mate, he said: “That’s a clever way to draw the tail: like the puzzle in the game!”, and I was like: “OMG, actually I forgot to draw the tail! This is such a coincidence! And actually, the other puzzle looks like Fez Cat’s PAW! Isn’t that odd?”.

There you go, I drew a puzzle for myself without even knowing it. :3


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