53 – Cat-ple anniversary


I can’t believe it. One year. My blog is one year old now. Well technically, it’s going to be one year old on the 7th of February, but this week’s cat is already making it 52 weeks. I know, it’s like saying you’re one year older, the day before your birthday, but it’s not completely incorrect!

Anyway! What matters is, I wanted to celebrate it in a particular way. How? Well, have you read the “About” page? It says there that I made a birthday T-shirt for my soulmate at some point (it was in 2014). So I just tried to re-do the design, from memory. It’s not quite like the original (I think I prefer it on the T-shirt, but meh!), but it’s good enough to me.

So happy (almost) anniversary, 1 Line Cat! :3

P.S.: Who would guess what “Cat-ple” stands for?


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