52 – Cat-noe Kayak


So! Long story short, Jim (that awful traitor who left us last week for another company! :p) requested, 6 months ago (he says), a Cat-amaran. I thought it was a brilliant idea! Although according to him, I’ve been denying this request up until last week.

So I was catting away, joyfully, with my Mum on the phone, when she said: “Do you know what a catamaran looks like?” After Googling it, I realised the drawing I made was more of a Cat-noe Kayak than a Cat-amaran…

To be honest, I’m pretty sure Jim wouldn’t know the difference (would you?), but I thought “Meh, might as well keep the name free in case I get inspired to draw the real deal.”, so as I said: “long story short” (with a lot of parenthesis and quotation marks, to make reading easier!), here’s for you…

Cat-noe Kayak! :3


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