28 – Walking in the sun Cat


This week has been very hectic, exercising-wise! On Sunday night, I went on a 2-hour walk, on Tuesday evening I came back from work cycling (1h30), on Wednesday I had an appointment somewhere that took me 1 hour to get to walking, and 2 more hours to go home walking again after it…

Not finished! Went to work cycling on Thursday morning and came back home the same way after work. Why cycling again, you may ask. Because there’s another tube strike! Yes, one month after the other one! XD But I don’t complain, it gives me a reason to exercise, and to enjoy Richmond park and its deer. Oh, and I might cycle to work and back again today (Friday) because my nice colleague lent me his bike until Monday, so I might as well make the most of it!

Wait… So what’s the point, with Walking in the sun Cat, you say? Oh yeah! Well, it’s basically picturing how physically tiring this week is for me, but it’s good! I like feeling physically tired because it means I exercised well and enough. :3


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