24 – Cycling Cat (pending)


Because of the strike yesterday, I had to go to work…by bicycle! And come back by bicycle too! Total, I cycled for about 20 miles that day. As a result I was exhausted and completely forgot to prepare today’s cat… So to redeem myself, I made a very quick one (in 10 minutes…) on Paint, to be able to say I posted something as every Friday. That’s why the quality is not really there today. But don’t worry! I’ll update it ASAP with a nicer version; one on which I’ll spend more time, use better software than Paint (it should be called “Pain”! XD) and get some reference for the bike! Thank you for your patience and support! :3

Note: I cycled 10 miles from work to home two days ago, because the bike was my colleague’s, and I had to give it back to him today, so I cycled 10 miles again this morning from home to work. My body is so achy right now! >w<


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